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Online Event: Creative Voice

Online. At The Pride Center Of New Jersey , 85 Raritan Avenue, Suite 100, Highland Park, NJ. United states.

Wednesday August 24 , 8:00pm

Online Event: Creative Voice

Every Wednesday - 6:30PM to 8:00PM EST

Creative Voice is open to any artform from singers, fiction writers, comedians, painters, photographers, graphic designers, stand up comedians, etc. Leticia caters to everyone individually and provides direction and assignments based on what you want to work on.

The benefits to having different artforms in one class are to learn how we all create differently, as well as what artists from different walks have in common. Everyone gets a different challenge and we discuss what was hard or a struggle. We also focus on being able to make mistakes and see ourselves in a more positive light. This is something many artists struggle with regardless of their craft.

We also learn about different kinds of feedback and how to "take what we need from what we get.” Not all feedback is productive and some of it is actually destructive. We learn how to tell the difference between these. We also do silly exercises like experiencing being cheered at nonsensically or booed (with no negative comments).

Suggested Donation: $5.00 (Venmo: PrideCenter-ofNJ)


This helps us take in how audiences or feedback affects us and learn to work through it while becoming confident in our work. To register, please complete this Google Form.