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Daddies, Kinksters, & Bears, Oh My! At The Eagle In New York NY

Events. At The Eagle NYC , 554 West 28th Street, New York, NY. United states.

Friday October 25 2019, 7:00pm


Daddies, Kinksters, & Bears, Oh My! At The Eagle In New York NY

October 25, 2019 - 7:00PM to 10:00PM

There's something terrible happening in Chelsea, something really terrible It started with mysterious fur, then there was the howling at night. Everyone thinks the new daddy is responsible. After all, he’s a full-grown bear and seems a little on the wild side but I think he’s a regular old daddy, and most daddies don't howl at the moon. Or change into terrifying kinksters when the moon is full. Or do they?

You’re invited to knock back some drinks and let loose your kinks at Daddies, Kinksters, & Bears, Oh My! This happy hour raffle benefits the HIV League Scholarship, the only national scholarship for students living with HIV.

Tickets $3 each, 4 for $10 for prizes collectively worth more than $2,600!!!

Dress up as your favorite Daddy, Kinkster, or Bear and get three free raffle tickets!

enter to win the following fabulous prizes:

Fitness prizes
Barry's Bootcamp 5 class pack ($170)
Rumble 5 class pack ($175)
One of two Row House 5 class packs ($330 total)
4 Brrrn: Cool Temp Fitness credits ($136)
Cyc Fitness Hell's Kitchen 5 class pack ($105)
SWERVE Fitness 4 class pack ($128)
LYONS DEN POWER YOGA 5 class pack ($130)
Rowgatta 3 class pack ($105)
Mile High Run Club 3 class pack ($95)

Restaurant prizes
Cafeteria Restaurant $100 gift card
aRoqa $100 gift card
The Liberty NYC $50 gift card
The Meatball Shop $50 gift card
The Grey Dog $25 gift card

Other prizes
Adam's Nest merch ($660)
Babeland sexy gift basket ($180)
$150AU TEAMM8 gift card ($101.91)

And many more items to be announced!!!