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Continuum: Pint Size Plays At The Eagle In New York NY

Events. At The Eagle NYC , 554 West 28th Street, New York, NY. United states.

Wednesday October 23 2019, 6:00pm


Continuum: Pint Size Plays At The Eagle In New York NY

October 23, 2019 - 6:00PM to 9:00PM

A night of short plays set in a leather bar with enough booze, kink, theatrics to really get you drunk. Free admission, but please RSVP!
Director: Adam Odsess-Rubin
Pint-Sized Plays *Casting TBA*

Kinky Choreopoems
Written & directed by Gaven Trinidad

Written by Yilong Liu
Directed by Ben Randle

More Than the Animals
Written by Gina Femia
Directed by Dmitri Barcomi

Written by Charles Gershman
Directed by Michael Raine

Susan Sontag Goes on a Date to the Mineshaft
Written by Kyle Wilson
Directed by Anya Josephs

Naughty Gentile
Written by Sam Hamashima
Directed by Ryan Dorbin

Explaining Pegging to a Mormon
Written by Savanah Knechel
Directed by Andi Lee Carter

Hope for August
Written by Kristy Lin Billuni
Directed by Adam Odsess-Rubin

The Eagle NYC presents Continuum, a monthly Intergenerational Social Series to expand our potential as a community and connect generations through constructive communication & commonality.