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Online Event: 15th Annual Black & White Ball

Online. At The Western Montana Community Center , 127 North Higgins Avenue, Missoula, MT. United states.

Saturday November 21 , 7:00pm

Online Event: 15th Annual Black & White Ball

November 16-21, 2020 - 7:00PM to 8:00PM MST

The Black and White Ball is not just the yearly fundraiser for The Center, but also one of the biggest events the LGBTQIA+ community here in Montana looks forward to as a time to come together and celebrate the love, pride, diversity, strength, and resilience of our community. This year has been one like none other, but we weren't about to let 2020 go by without having a "Ball!"
This year, we are collaborating with our sister LGBTQIA+ nonprofit the ISCSM (Imperial Sovereign Court of the State of Montana). ISCSM has voluntarily provided the entertainment for so many of our events year after year, so we thought this would be the perfect time to help them in raising funds and spreading awareness about their incredible organization as well. All proceeds made from the event will be split between The Center and ISCSM. And of course, the kings, queens, and all of those in-between from ISCSM will be providing much of the entertainment over the course of the next 6 nights. 
The Black and White Ball will be streamed nightly at 7 pm through The Center's Facebook beginning Monday, Nov. 16th through Saturday, Nov. 21st. You don't want to miss the entertainment we've got planned for you. 
Lastly, please consider donating to the fundraising to ensure that our two LGBTQIA+ organizations can continue to serve the community here in Montana. Our goal is to reach $15,000 by Saturday, Nov. 21st.
Donations can be made via Facebook links or through our website at GayMontana.org