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Pride, From Raids To Parades At Art House Productions In Jersey City NJ

Events. At Art House Productions , 262 17th Street, Jersey City, NJ. United states.

Saturday August 17 2019, 5:00pm until 8:00pm


Pride, From Raids To Parades At Art House Productions In Jersey City NJ

An exhibit honoring the 50th Anniversary of The Stonewall Rebellion.

Join us as we celebrate the LGBTQ Community with this exhibition of artists who's work demonstrates the passion they embody for this momentous occasion!

This exhibition is an Official Jersey City LGBT Pride Festival Event

More about the show:
The iconic Stonewall Inn in New York City was a haven for the LGBT community and in the early hours of June 28th,1969, they were raided by the police as they often were.
The constant harassment and abuse made them react and fight back. Riots began and lasted for several evenings and thus ignited the LGBT Liberation Movement.
In commemoration of this night...the first Pride March was organized by the Gay Liberation Front the following year, in June of 1970, and it is considered to be the most significant event leading to gay liberation and the "modern" fight for LGBT rights.

In the last 50 years, the LGBTQ Community has had to fight for their rights and acceptance in just about every area there is: the government, the military, the arts, sports, education, entertainment, marriage equality and much more.
This exhibition is geared to showcasing the struggle and rising of this diverse community.

Artists to be listed on July 22nd.
Curated by Andrea McKenna
Exhibit runs from August 3rd to September 1st.

Cover art by Miguel Cardenas



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