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Alki Beach Pride 2022 in Seattle WA

Prides. At Alki Beach , Alki Avenue SouthWest, Seattle, WA. United states.

Sunday August 14 , 12:00pm

Alki Beach Pride 2022 in Seattle WA

August 13-14, 2022 - 12:00PM to 2:00AM PST

Let’s get Together Again. Stay tuned for details and updates.

Over 20 years ago, Seattle’s Alki Beach Pride started as an outlet for LGBTQ+ folks to gather with friends who were looking for something to do other than the local club scene —  a simple gathering of friends around a bonfire each year. Through these gatherings at the beach, a reputation for hosting wonderful, fun-filled celebrations intended for people to connect had blossomed. People began asking if we had considered doing something bigger, so in 2014 Alki Beach Pride was officially created in order to build new ways to better connect and strengthen our community in West Seattle.

We were married right here on the beach where Alki Beach Pride happens every year, and we hope to share our love for each other, our community, and this beautiful area that we call home in ways that foster acceptance and understanding each year. In 2016, the same year as the Pulse Nightclub shootings, we decided that instead of the usual smaller potluck-style event, we would set up on the beach and open up the event to welcome everyone!

We could not be more proud to be able to continue to grow Alki Beach Pride into something that brings so much joy to those who attend. Alki Beach Pride has always been a family-friendly event that is representative of just how diverse and beautiful family is. We truly enjoy bringing Pride to Alki Beach to celebrate our community and enjoy one of Seattle's most revered landmarks. This is and always has been a passion project, and we hope to see you out enjoying the sun, the sand, and the celebration, with us this and every year!