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Free Bachata Basics Class At Oklahomans For Equality In Tulsa OK

Events. At Oklahomans For Equality , 621 East 4th Street, Tulsa, OK. United states.

Tuesday June 30 , 8:00pm


Free Bachata Basics Class At Oklahomans For Equality In Tulsa OK

Every Tuesday - 8:00PM to 11:00PM

Bachata Basics Tuesday 6:30pm
This class will cover the basic steps for the Latin dance that is ROCKING the world right now: bachata. We will have a lot of fun together getting to move our bodies and enjoying some good music! Everyone is welcome, no previous experience or partner necessary. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes!
Not sure what bachata is? Check out this video of some amazing bachata professionals:

About the Instructor:
Bonnie Lyn Paige (also known as “Wonder Woman”) is passionate about teaching, music, and dance. She loves to see her students having a great time, and getting to benefit from the amazing things dance can do for us! Dance is good for our bodies, good for our souls, and even good for our emotional and mental health. The dance was introduced to Bonnie Lyn at a very pivotal moment in her life when she was undergoing a crisis of identity. Dance allowed her to be free to express herself through movement, gave her confidence, and allowed to her to become enthusiastic about life again. She’s excited to share with you something so close to her heart. She has received instruction in Virginia Beach and Chicago, and her past instructors have included Dorian Gramajo, Helena B. And Alvin B., Danita Inez, Kevin Little, Daniel Ramirez, and Samantha Walker.