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QTPOC Parents Group At Oakland LGBTQ Community Center In Oakland CA

Events. At Oakland LGBTQ Community Center , 3207 Lakeshore Avenue, Entrance Rand Avenue, Oakland, CA. United states.

Saturday January 16 , 1:00pm


QTPOC Parents Group At Oakland LGBTQ Community Center In Oakland CA

January 16, 2021 - 1:00PM to 3:00PM PST

This is a peer support group for queer and/or trans parents and prospective parents of color. This group is an affinity group that is only open to LGBTQ people of color. 
Childcare will be held at Fairyland. Parents who need childcare must bring their kids by 12:30 pm and let us know they are coming in advance. 
Location: Cafe
Dawn Edwards (Facilitator), ms.edwards73@gmail.com 
Ganna Shiromi, ganawet@gmail.com
DISCLAIMER: Affinity groups at the center reserve the right to prioritize the needs of the group that they and we have identified as underserved. It stands to reason that someone might mistakenly walk into an affinity space they do not identify with - without knowledge of the affinity affiliation. The Center cannot possibly prevent any occurrence of this unfortunate instance happening - even with great promotion - we cannot control the possibility of the occasional word of mouth misperception. We, therefore, have agreed as a community to respect the boundaries set by these affinity collective care circles and ask that anyone finding themselves in an instance of mistakenly entering an affinity circle that they do not identify with to please exit without taxing the collective or its facilitators to be traumatized by having to explain or defend the right to healthy boundaries set by the group.