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International Cocktail Karaoke Show At Play In Louisville KY

Events. At Play Louisville , 1101 East Washington Street, Louisville, KY. United states.

Tuesday August 6 , 9:00pm


International Cocktail Karaoke Show At Play In Louisville KY

If you've been to International Cocktail Karaoke Showcase before, you understand the slinging, sipping and slaying that typically ensues. If this is your first show, remember that Metallica's first ever album went platinum.

How it works: Teams of bartenders will perform a pre-selected song while simultaneously shaking up a themed Patrón cocktail on stage. Just like any band, not all team members are required to sing, and, after all, somebody has got to make the cocktails! Teams will be critiqued on a combination of artistic merit, performance, team cohesion, cocktail balance, and, of course, how well the cocktail compliments the song.

Think you have what it takes?

To sign up your team, follow the link below.

To attend (and maybe even get lucky enough to make the list to perform open karaoke on stage), RSVP below at the same link.



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