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Advertisement: Pretty Litter

Advertisement. At Pretty Litter , 10250 Constellation Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA. United states.

Saturday June 1 , 6:06pm until August 1 , 12:00am


Advertisement: Pretty Litter

PrettyLitter's formula makes it easier for you to use and clean your litter box. Its highly absorbent crystals do not clump, but instead absorbs moisture, traps all odor, and eliminates the urine. That means less work, no odor and less mess. Only scoop the poop!

Pretty Litter

On average, owners of healthy cats spend $200 a year on routine veterinary care and owners of cats with chronic health issues spend notably more. Did you also know that households with one cat spend, on average, $22 a month on litter? Multi-cat households can spend up to $60 a month for litter. PrettyLitter, on average, costs less per month.

We save you money on potential Vet bills through early detection plus, on average, cost less per month compared to leading brand competitors. All around when it comes to saving on costs, PrettyLitter is a no-brainer.

Did you know that clumping clay litter often contains bentonite which expands upon contact with moisture, forming a clump around the urine. After stepping out of the litter box your cat licks their paws and that clay may expand within their digestive tract. PrettyLitter uses non-clumping crystals that are safe for cats, even when they breathe or ingest it.

Get 10% Off the first charge when you use the promotional code AFF10. This applies to the first charge only and is one use per customer.

No expiration. 

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