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Online Event: Pridemaking: A Virtual Workshop For LGBTQAI+ Neighbors

Advertisement. At South Of Downtown Community Development Organization , 1247 South 11th Street, Lincoln, NE. United states.

Sunday August 2 , 3:00pm

Online Event: Pridemaking: A Virtual Workshop For LGBTQAI+ Neighbors

Every Sunday - 3:00PM to 4:30PM CST

A FREE virtual workshop for LGBTQIA+ neighbors!

The goal of “Pridemaking” is to not only learn about relief printmaking but also discuss the prominent role the arts have played in social activism. This class is being organized and presented in collaboration with our friends at OutNebraska. In this class, the students will learn to make a set of prints from a linoleum block and send it to one another to be printed on again, creating a collage of text and imagery. All materials are provided for FREE and will be delivered to folks living in the neighborhood. We will also delve into the role of art and printmaking, in particular, have played in raising awareness for queer issues such as HIV/AIDS, gender roles, and policies that promote equality.

In order to serve our friends at OutNebraska, this class is open to individuals living in Lincoln but spots are limited so we have adequate space for our neighbors. Those who live outside the Near South and Everett Neighborhoods will be able to sign up on a first come first serve basis.

Meet your Instructor!
The class will be taught by Keith Buswell, a local printmaker. Keith Buswell graduated with a BFA in art University of Nebraska--Lincoln. He works with various printmaking processes such a screen-printing, intaglio, and mono printing and dabbles in drawing and multimedia. He defines his work as “The proverbial war of the genders seems to be littered with the detritus of objects that define our femininity and masculinity. Things that define what it means to be a man o woman are only slightly more permanent than our own being, yet the stigma surrounding their importance in justifying cultural norms lingers on. This body of work, which I have dubbed Q-Mart, or Queer-Mart, seeks to distance our fixation on the gender of objects by juxtaposing our understanding of what society deems appropriate.”His work has been shown in the United States, Egypt, Dubai, France, and Italy. Keith has been a supporter of the South of Downtown as a patron of local business and showcasing his work at Pepe’s Kitchen.

REGISTER by 5th: forms.gle/strCT67Wfa6or8bX8