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Online Event: The Feldman Brew: Panel On Intersectionality And Faith

Online. At OutCenter Of Southwest Michigan , 132 Water Street, Benton Harbor, MI. United states.

Thursday April 8 , 3:00pm

Online Event: The Feldman Brew: Panel On Intersectionality And Faith

April 8, 2021 - 7:00PM to 8:00PM EST

A few months ago we joined the Feldmans in a discussion on the importance of an intersectional outlook in voting (review here: https://vimeo.com/478906042) and in February we had an amazing panel discussion on intersectionality (https://fb.me/e/1cHALnDPT).
And we're doing it again! Join the Feldmans for a panel on Intersectionality and Faith. We will be joined by Andrews University's Michael Nixon, Riana Rowles, and host of the podcast "Books, Bible, Beer & Queer" Joyce Hagen-McIntosh. 
Michael Nixon, Esq is the Vice President for Diversity & Inclusion at Andrews University. He began this work at the age of 29 and is the first to serve in this position at Andrews. He is also an Adjunct Professor in the History & Political Science Department where he also advises pre-law students. Prior to this work, Michael served as the Legal Coordinator for the Fair Housing Justice Center in New York City. He has a law degree from the John Marshall Law School (JMLS) in Chicago, Illinois, and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Andrews University. 
Riana Rowles brings her lived experiences in both the LGBTQ+ and Black communities to the panel.
And Joyce Hagen-McIntosh began the journey of coming out to herself at 9, out to the world at 19, out as a librarian at 29, and out as a comedian at 49! The whole time, with occasional tweaks in denomination, faith tradition, and world-religion exploration, she has shared the message of God’s love being meant for ALL people.

In all aspects of her life, Joyce experiences the overlap of faith, LGBTQ+ identity, music (at least once a decade she’s been known to pick up her violin), and parenting. She believes that social justice through humor can take place in local bookstores, classrooms, over meals, in our churches - in any conversation or space! You can find her podcast episode about Open and Affirming congregations at anchor.fm/bbbq, which stands for “Books, Bible, Beer & Queer.” You can also find her on social media @joycestandsup or via email, joycestandsup@gmail.com.
Join Larry and Sandy Feldman on Facebook Live with some amazing guests to discuss the importance of intersectionality in 2021, faith, and its importance in SWMI.


www.outcenter.org - (269) 925-8330